Matroos Pet | Beef Bone Broth Powder (Seolleongtang)

Matroos Pet | Beef Bone Broth Powder (Seolleongtang)

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Now your BBs can experience the rich, warming taste of Seolleongtang with Matroos Pet Broth Powder! The first of it's kind, this beef bone soup is double boiled with South Korea beef bones over 8 hours.
The broth is then freeze-dried, retaining almost all of its nutrients - ZERO additives, preservatives or artificial flavour.

Weight: 130g per bottle


Growth Development:

Rich in protein to help build muscle, bones & immunity.

Joint Health:

Help promote cartilage growth.

Feeding Guide

1 teaspoon per 5kg weight of pet. Do not exceed recommended amount.

How to feed

1. Pour powder over food as it is
2. Mix powder with warm water. (1 teaspoon powder : 5 teaspoon water or as desired)