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The Dog Grocer | Pen Cai Crackers

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Reimagining how Pen Cai (盆菜) can look like, we created a pen cai cracker that features all the goodness of a pen cai condensed in one cracker!

Our seafood pen cai crackers is the perfect blend of flavours that really got us salivating in the kitchen as we’re prepping it.

You really got to smell this to believe it!

Remember, abundance is important during Chinese New Year. May your pets’ bellies always be full and filled in abundance.

100g per pack

  • Air Dried

  • Made locally in AVS licensed kitchen

  • Cleaned and sanitised with ozone

  • Processed at controlled low temperatures

    for minimal change in nutritional profile, while ensuring safety protocols according to the USDA food safety guidelines

  • 100% digestible


    Prawn meat, wild caught Atlantic cod, egg white, shiitake mushroom, coconut oil

    Consume before best before date stated on packaging.