Zee.Dog Raincoat | Ozzy

Zee.Dog Raincoat | Ozzy

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Made of the world famous ripstop material making it super water resistant.

With adjustments straps on the top and bottom, this raincoat is super easy to put on and take off and sits perfectly on your dog's body.

The reflective strips add visibility at night.

Raincoat comes packed in a super cool pouch that you can store when not using and hang from your leash in case you think rain is imminent on your next walk. 


Small: Length 40cm, Neck (max) 40cm, Girth 37 to 53cm.
Medium: Length 48cm, Neck (max) 48cm, Girth 44 to 64cm.
Large: Length 58 cm, Neck (max) 56cm, Girth 46 to 72cm.
Extra Large: Length 70cm, Neck (max) 68cm, Girth 56 to 88cm.