Beast Buddy

How we started

As first time pawrents, we were excited & nervous at the same time - frantically preparing to puppy-proof our homes, learning about foods, imagining the ideal situations of potty training & the list goes on.. Who else to turn to other than Google to answer our 101++ questions!

We've already bought so much even before our BB has reached us, and fast forward 2 months in, we're stuck with at least half of our purchases sitting in a storeroom because our BBs did not like them.

It's all great and amazing that we put so much thought into our BBs to give them the best life possible. But there definitely is a better way to spend wisely, ensuring that our BBs will like what we buy, instead of having to chuck them into storage/ attempting to sell on marketplaces.

Our commitment

Here at Beast Buddy, not only are we your online pet store for everyday essentials. We are pawrents first, on the constant lookout for the best for our BBs, and we hope to be your partner on this amazing journey, together with your BBs.

Everyone's journey is different.

Which is why we screen through EVERY product & brand we bring in to make sure we cater to every pets' needs. We hope to be able to share our own experiences, to help you make informed & wiser choices before you purchase.

From types of diets to which leash type would best fit my BB & even how to introduce toys (no, you don't just throw it to your BB and expect them to know how to play it lol).

Join our community and lets embark on our journey's together! 

Why shop with us

No bullsh*t, just quality realness with zero fluff - Carefully curated products made from high quality ingredients/ materials.

Form + Function + Fashion - It shouldn't hurt to look your best. Practical Fashion is what we believe in; Look cute/ pretty/ handsome, in maximum comfort. 

Happiness start from within - Yes, it's true. What you put in your body affects you both internally & physically. We believe that prevention is always better than cure (& you should too :D)