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Lunoji | CHEWDEN Set

$118.00 $130.00

Full CHEWDEN set that includes Grip, Trove, and Base. Bundle and save 10% on this modular enrichment set that fulfills your pup's chewing and licking needs! No treats included. 

Grip secures the ends of chews. This helps to prevent dogs from swallowing them out of excitement - a common occurrence - which often causes airway and intestinal obstruction.

Grip works best with a variety of chews between 0.5cm to 2cm thick, and 3cm wide.

The perfect cup for dog ice pops, Trove makes it fuss-free to prepare beautiful frozen dog treats at home. Its design also extends enjoyment time and reduces mess in the home.

Now comes with an air-tight lid for a fuss-free mixing experience and no-spill storage.

Helpful in catching saliva and crumbs, the Base allows you to fix the location of treat time. It holds treats at the comfortable angle for dogs of all shapes and sizes, even with a cone on.