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Mandarine Brothers | Insect Shield Skin Tight Suit


Introducing a skin tight suit with excellent insect repellent properties!
This innerwear is perfect for summer and uses shield technology that protects against pests and has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
There is a pocket on the inside (back) of the high neck for storing ice packs!

・As a stain prevention measure
・As skin protection wear

・As a hair loss prevention measure
・For outdoor scenes such as camping

When washing, please hand wash and dry in the shade. Avoid dry cleaning as this will remove the insect repellent.

*About size*
This product has elasticity both vertically and horizontally.
Please note that if the length of the clothes is too long or too snug for the dog, it may get caught on the dog's tail while walking or the dog's excrement may get on the clothes. Please be especially careful with children with docked tails or bobtails.
We recommend a tight fit, but please choose according to your dog's preferences, characteristics, and personality.

If you have any questions about the size, please feel free to contact us!

*Frost (white floating) phenomenon *
As the fibers are specially treated to keep insects away, they may temporarily appear whitish due to environmental changes such as humidity and temperature. In that case, you can make it less noticeable by wearing it, applying steam from an iron, or washing it with water.

Material: NYLON 84% POLYURETHANE 16%