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Michinoku Farm | Capelin (Freeze-Dried)


Capelin from Shiga Prefecture are made using a freeze-drying method. High in protein and iron. It’s flavourful and nutritious, making it the perfect snack for cat and dog. The taste, aroma, texture, and nutrients are unique to freeze-dried products, and small bites are easy to give.

Product weight: 30g

Michinoku Farm is from Hanno City in Saitama Prefecture.

Initially, the name “Michinoku” was derived from the fact that we started selling raw materials mainly for the Tohoku region for pets. The main products are purchased (imported) in-house, and fresh snacks for pets are manufactured at our own factory. Michinoku Farm has been selling additive-free snacks made from dried ingredients for 20 years since its establishment, while valuing the food consciousness of pets.