Beast Buddy SG

Mo & Haku | Probiotic Deodoriser


Fast acting and long-lasting odor neutralizer with Zinc and Probiotic Blends. produce enzymes that degrade organic matter in the application area, allowing them to both break down and neutralize existing malodours and prevent malodour formation over time. It works on hard surfaces such as tiles, toilets, sinks, countertops and floors.


  1. Breaks down the soil that generates odours, preventing odour formation
  2. Continues to activate in the presence of malodours whilst you go about your daily life, neutralizing and reducing odours for longer


  • On pet's skin & fur in between baths (avoid spraying into their eyes)
  • Carpet and fabric care
  • Waste bins & refuse collection area
  • Pet stains & animal bedding
  • Vehicle interiors
  • Effective against spoiled food, fish, cigarette smoke & other odorous compounds