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OC Raw | Freeze-Dried Turkey & Produce (Meaty Rox)


Each batch is made fresh to order, with machine help and packed by hand.

Our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced with only the best quality ingredients.

All products are made in our family owned pet food commercial kitchen.

OC Raw is dedicated to making a difference in our pets lives with happy mealtimes and healthier lives! Bringing the excitement back to meal time.

Meaty Rox has the same foundational ingredient as the sliders but made in small nugget form and smaller packs made convenient for outdoor feeding, trial feeding, training treats.

USA grown raised and processed birds without hormones and antibiotics.

With 21% protein and 7% fat content this formulation in particular builds healthy lean muscle mass for dogs.

Slightly higher calorie content than Chicken and Chicken, Fish; this turkey formulation allows you to feed slightly less extending the cost efficiency.

  • Low Fat, High-Quality Protein
  • Single Protein
  • Complete & Balanced For All Life Stages
  • Premium Muscle Cuts
  • Grain, Potato, Pea, Lentil Free
  • USDA Certified Poultry Ingredients
  • 90% Meat, Bone, and Organ 10% Fruits, Vegetables and Supplements

Turkey, Ground Turkey Bone, Turkey Gizzard, Carrots, Apples, Broccoli, Spinach, Acorn Squash, Beets, Cod Liver Oil, Parsley, Blueberries, Calcium Carbonate, Kelp Powder.

Nutritional Analysis
Min. Crude Protein 43%.
Min. Crude Fat 22%.
Min. Crude Fiber 3%.
Max. Moisture 10%.
Calcium 1.68 %.
Phosphorus 1.62 %.
Potassium 0.98 %.
Sodium 2.06 %.
Taurine 0.77 %.
Iron 226 mg/kg.
Copper 16 mg/kg.
Magnesium 0.077 %.
Zinc 399 mg/kg.
Omega 3/Omega 6 Ratio 1:7.

Calorie Content
1,575 kcal/kg, 44 kcal/oz.

Suitable For
Dogs of all life stages.

Country Of Origin
Made in the USA.

Product  Weight
5.5oz (155g).

*BB Squad codes not applicable