Beast Buddy SG

PAWFF | Rainbow Chips


A special just for Pride Month!

A twist from PAWFF's Popping Rainbows! Rainbow Chips includes both meat and veggies - so the meat lovers can enjoy this too!

Our promise:

✔ 100% human grade meat
✔ no preservatives
✔ no additives
✔ no chemicals
✔ manufactured in AVS licensed kitchen

Storage guide:

- Store in a cool, dry place
- Once opened, best kept refrigerated
- Consume within 6 months of production date

Ingredients are as follows:

Purple Chips (Duck): Beetroot, Purple Sweet Potato, Duck Breast, Coconut Flour

Yellow Chips (Pork): Carrot, Sweet Potato, Pork Loin, Coconut Flour

Green Chips (Pork): Daikon, Spinach, Pork Loin, Coconut Flour

Blue Chips (Pork): Pork Loin, Coconut Flour, Blue Spirulina

Royal Blue Chips (Pork): Blueberry, Pork Loin, Coconut Flour, Blue Spirulina

Rainbow Chips: Mixture of all the chips

Each pack of PAWFF's Rainbow Chips (individual colours / mixed) is packed in 50g.