Beast Buddy SG

PAWTY | Tug & Treat Rose

Unveiling our Rose Tug-and-Treat Dog Toy - a delightful way to keep your pup entertained and sharp! Use the tug Rope as the stem for tug of war, unravel the petal to hide treats for snuffling!

TUG OF WAR - Heavy duty tug rope chew toy that can withstand up to 150N of force!

INTERACTIVE/SNUFFLE: The Tug & Treat Rose features an engaging hide-and-seek puzzle design that stimulates your dog's natural instincts and keeps them mentally and physically active.

PREMIUM PLUSH MATERIAL: Crafted from premium-quality plush material, this dog toy is soft, safe, and gentle on your pet's teeth and gums, making it perfect for long hours of playtime.

SAFE SOFT AND CHEW RESISTANT: This toy is safe and made of high-quality corduroy material to give your dog a nice comfortable feel. It is very gentle on their teeth and gums.

MACHINE WASHABLE - Simply wash the toy in a laundry bag and then dry on low heat. Easy to clean!

IDEAL DOG GIFT: Treat your dog to the PAWTY Sneakers on their birthday or any special occasion, and watch them light up with joy!


7.5 x 27.5 cm (rolled)
52cm x 27.5 (unrolled)

Care Instructions

Throw it in a laundry bag
Wash it in cold water
Tumble dry in dryer