Beast Buddy SG

Pawzler | Kaya Pawzle


The Kaya Pawzle is an excellent addition to increase the number of possible combinations on your base. It occupies 4 spots on the base, providing more opportunities for fun and mental stimulation. To solve the Kaya Pawzle, push the sliders to uncover the hidden treats. It is also helpful for connecting bases to form a larger puzzle. 

Hint: Place the first two treats in the hiding spots that can be covered with the flat part of the blue slider. Drop the following two treats in the hole on the blue slider. Now, the dog needs to push the slider all the way to the other side to uncover the first set of the treats and to allow the treats in the lid to fall into the hiding space on the other side of the pawzle. Sliders can be pushed with your pet’s nose, tongue, or paw.