Beast Buddy SG

Pet Cubes | Pear Cooler


Beast Buddy Exclusive

Treat your BB to a refreshing  frozen treat to beat the summer heat, specially crafted with their taste buds in mind. Combining the refreshing flavours of pear, cucumber, and mint. Your pet will savour every lick of this all-natural, tail-wagging delight!

  • Dog & Cat Friendly
  • 100% Human-Grade
  • No Preservatives
  • No Food Dyes
  • No Lactose


Coconut Water, Pear, Sugar, Glucose, Cucumber, Dextrose, Mint, Stabilizers

Feeding Recommendation: 

1 Tablespoon per kg of your pet’s body weight


-16 °C to -20 °C

Up to 1  year from the manufactured date. Best consumed within 2 months.