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TEEF | Protektin42™ Dental Kit (For dogs)

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Dental Prebiotic for dogs

Protektin42TM is an award-winning prebiotic formula that targets the root cause of dental disease, even below the gumline. Containing 100% human-grade ingredients, it neutralizes dangerous bacteria by starving them of sugar and strengthens protective bacteria essential for a healthy mouth -  targets the root cause of bad breath and dental disease, every time your dog drinks. 

Our TEEF! powder formulation for pets is called Protektin, a patented combination of 4 naturally safe, bioactive human grade ingredients

  1. Soluble fiber
  2. Amino acid
  3. Vitamin b6 
  4. Sodium bicarbonate. 

Our patented science selectively favors health-promoting bacteria to flourish in your pet’s mouth, while disrupting dangerous bacteria, so your pet can benefit.

Simply add 1 scoop per 250ml of water, and let the magic happen!